Nevada Traverse

This publication is issued quarterly by the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors (NALS) and is published as a service to the Land Surveying profession of the state of Nevada. The Nevada Traverse is an open forum for all Surveyors, with an editorial policy predicated on the objective of NALS and Bylaws, Article II, which reads: “The purpose of the association shall be to promote the common good and
welfare of its members in their activities in the profession of Land Surveying; to promote the common good and welfare of the public in terms of professional land surveying activities; to promote and maintain the highest possible standards of professional ethics and practice; to promote public awareness and trust in Professional Land Surveyors and their work. This organization, in its activities and in its membership, shall be non-partisan, nonsectarian, and non-discriminatory.”

2023 - Issue 50.1

2023 - Issue 50.2

2023 - Issue 50.3

2023 - Issue 50.4