Great Basin College

1500 College Parkway, HTC 130
Elko, Nevada (USA) 89801
Phone: (775) 753-2344
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The online land surveying/geomatics bachelor degree program of applied science was co-developed by Great Basin College (GBC) and the Nevada Association of Land Surveyor’s Advisory Committee. The land surveying/geomatics program was implemented in response to the growing need for licensed professional surveyors in Nevada to capture, store, process, and manage spatial data. The four-year bachelor’s degree program in land surveying/geomatics has served Nevada students and distance learners from around the country effectively since its inception in 2005. The land surveying/geomatics program model is ideally structured for students who are employed (or seeking employment) in a surveying or geospatial related profession that require the flexibility and accessibility to coursework delivered outside the typical undergraduate learning environment.

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Learn More About a Career in Surveying

The demand for surveyors is high and continues to grow. Learn more about a career in land surveying.

Surveyors get started in their career through many paths. It could be through a summer job, through a class about surveying, or from a family member who knows or who is a surveyor. Many surveyors suggest spending a summer working on a survey crew and asking questions. You don’t have to have a degree or experience to help on a crew as a summer job. It can provide a chance to see what surveying is
all about. Visit the links below to learn more about a career in land surveying.